We groomed principled Women of Faith and Integrity.

In collaboration with the Louisville parents, and through God the source of all being, with the sisters of Saint Louis aim at developing women of faith and integrity, of deep morals and religious principles through:

Inculcating a new understanding of our interconnectedness with the whole of creation, our responsibility to care for the Earth our god-given home and those to pass on to future generations as sound and beautiful planet.
Providing a system of education that is permeated with Christian attitudes, with authentic cultural and aesthetic value and community-oriented principles of Justice and service. Fostering a spirit of love and unity that transcend all religions.
Nurturing principled women of faith and integrity.
We believe that every girl has the potential to become a principled woman of faith and integrity.
providing the best in holistic education for a student equipping them for the 21st century.

Ensuring at the same time a harmonious development of the physical, psychological moral, intellectual, emotional and spiritual endowment of each student, with due respect for individual gifts and talents thus fostering a well-rounded personal development.

Fostering a spirit of truth and honest questioning: an interest in and love of learning that will last throughout their lives.
  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Unity
  • Excellence
  • Love